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PD-Proxy VPN

PD-Proxy VPN Service is the best tunneling software and VPN service I have ever seen. I am using this VPN service from about 6 months. I came to know about this VPN service by my friend and when i use it personally, I was really surprised by its service, They are truly amazing. It really helps me to unblock those contents that are blocked by my ISP. I use it every time also while writing this post, I am using PD-Proxy. It helps me to surf Internet anonymously as it secures and encrypt my connection, Using PD-Proxy it is impossible for anyone to spy on me. One more thing about PD-Proxy that I like the most is, It hides your IP address from others, So now it is impossible for anyone to identify my exact location. No one knows your real IP address. The software interface is also very easy to understand, Anyone can connect with it very easily.

Steps to use PD-Proxy

  1. Go to and sign up there for free account.
  2. Download their easy to use software.
  3. First connect with your regular Modem 
  4. And then enter username and password(that you use while registering on PD-Proxy) in PD-Proxy software.
  5. And now click on connect.
  6. Thats it you are done now *ENJOY*
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