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how to check your operating system installation date

If you want to check your operating system installation date then you come to the right place.

In some cases we have to fill our installation date of our operating system.
But we forget on which date we install our operating system.
So you are interested in it.
 so here we go..........
Here is a step by step tutorial on how to check your operating system installation date.

step 1 :

so first thing that you have to do is run cmd

Go to : (Start <-  run <-  type cmd <- hit enter)

Step 2 :

you have to do nothing.

just type:"systeminfo" (without quotes)

Step 3 :

hit enter.
you will see many things come
look at "Original install date:"  after some space your original operating system installation date written.
 see image below:

I am sure you got your operating system intallation date.

if not. try this alternative method.

Alternative method:

you use this method only when you can't find your operating system installation date from the above method.

follow step1: from the above article.

And after that in cmd type systeminfo|find/i"install date"

After that hit enter.

Your original installation date appears.
See image below:

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